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Blind Shaft
(盲井 - Mang jing)


Regia: LI Yang (戴思杰)

Cast: LI Qiang, WANG Baoqiang, WANG Shuangbao

Sceneggiatura: LI Yang

Anno: 2003 

Genere: Drammatico

Durata: 92 minuti

Lingua cinese, Sottotitoli in francese

Edizione Regno Unito


From The New Yorker
An underground film from China, in more ways than one. The writer-director Li Yang shot his vérité footage inside illegal Chinese mines and without government approval. The movie is grimy, crude, and affecting, in both its locations (as bleak as you might expect) and its plot. Two criminal drifters, Song and Tang, have developed a scam: they befriend one of the many uprooted men looking for work and tell him that they know of a job at a rural mine, but that the man must pretend to be their brother in order to be hired. Once they go down the shaft with their new relative, they stage his accidental death, and, as the dead man's nearest relations, collect payoff money from the mine's owners. The scam turns on the family connection, and it's this element that leads to an exquisite and escalating moral tension when they choose a scholarly young boy as their next mark. Song develops a misguided affection for his "nephew," taking him to a prostitute, getting him drunk. But will he kill him? In Mandarin. -Michael Agger 
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